Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Tree HNT

Oh, it's happened. I have mentioned in past posts that the Christmas tree wasn't going to go up this year. No time, incredibly hectic schedule every day since Thanksgiving, no desire to bother with such little time--all of these pointed to the lack of a tree this season.

Then Monday rolled around. The cold has really done a number on things around here, including my mind. Maybe it was the -11° temps (where your nose hairs freeze together--God, I love that feeling!) I had to deal with while working outside for 2 1/2 hours. Maybe it was the chills at work where the thermostats had gone on the fritz and left me in my sweaty shirt and 58°. But it was probably a wonderful chat I had while at work (trying to stay warm) that turned the tide. In looking back, there wasn't even anything specific said, but all of a sudden, it hit. That huge wave of Christmas cheer whapped me up alongside the head like a baseball bat. Well, maybe a whiffle bat. In any case, the fickle penguin of paradise chose to sprinkle me with the spirit of Christmas!

I had one more performance on Monday night, but I came home as soon as I was through, and immediately put the tree up. While watching the football game (though that got turned off pretty quickly). I had the tree up and was in bed by 9PM! I put the lights on Tuesday night and the ornaments go up Thursday night. I'm finding that, since the first half of December didn't allow it, I'm cramming all of my month's worth of Christmas spirit into this last week! Hell, if I had money, I'd even get started on some Christmas shopping!!

In years past, I did the half-nekkidness in the reflection of the ornament. This year, I've got the tree reflected in the window, along with the neighbors across the street watching. You might have to click it to big it, and then look for me! Don't worry--I didn't post the naughty one!


Have a love affair........

.........With my feet

Warmly caressing

Gently embracing

My toes......

My heels and ankles.........

But they are fickle creatures

And without warning

One of them will decide

To strike out on it's own

Leaving the warmth of my home

To seek solace elsewhere......


I don't know

Socks have secrets......

They won't reveal

~~Karen Quinn-Tostado

I won't reveal this Mystery Guest, either!

Lots of people who joined in over at "...the Other HNT" this week. Even some Christmas goodness over there! Stop by and leave some comments! Your other HNTer friends would appreciate it! Still NSFW...
Don't forget next week's theme! Details can be found by clicking the link at the top of the sidebar. This one is actually tougher than it seems--don't put it off! Try to come up with three recipients other than those that you'd be sending a card/gift to anyway! And for those who haven't read between the lines--you don't really need to post any half-nekkidness next week (should be a relief for those of you swamped with holiday activities!).
Diana Krall is probably the hottest vocalist in jazz today. Not only gifted with a sultry alto voice and stunning looks, she is a better pianist than singer. Her only questionable action has been marrying Elvis Costello (damned musicians...). As a CD store manager back in the day, I was lucky enough to get my hands on two promo Christmas EPs that her label put out. Also included a 1998 calendar, with gorgeous photos of her for each month. While the EP only had three Christmas songs on it, it (and the calendar) quickly became collector's items (on a side note, I got her to autograph one of them when I saw her in concert a few years ago--she seemed surprised to see it!).

Apparently the attention it garnered led to the release of a full album, "Christmas Songs". Some songs feature a full jazz orchestra, while others are much more intimate with her regular quartet. I often describe her voice as the one you'd expect to hear in an old black & white movie, where the camera moves through the smoke-filled lounge, focusing on the sultry blond in the corner, singing to no one in particular. Probably the voice that Jessica Rabbit really has. She uses the same tone on many of these songs. And her piano solos are superb. Some might even say stellar. If I had to recommend a single jazz Christmas album to someone, this would most definitely be it. Not straying too far away from the "norm", yet different enough to not get tired of. And that voice...

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