Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Have it OUR Way!

I don't usually get worked up about much, but once in awhile, I just get pissed off. And often it's just the little things.

Today, I broke down and went to Burger King. Middle of the afternoon, not many people. Theoretically, that means that the high school drop-outs working in the back could give my order all the attention it deserved. Apparently not. It was a simple order. Whopper Jr.w/no tomato, small fries, and a medium Dr. Pepper. I got home and, you guessed it, two honkin' big slices of tomato. Sure, it was a simple matter of opening the bun and taking them off, BUT I SHOULDN'T HAVE NEEDED TO! And that gave me an idea.

My little peeing guy up above is going to be a barometer of who I'm pissed at/with for the week. Don't know how long I'll keep it up there, but it'll make me feel good this week!

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