Saturday, June 18, 2005

Well, THAT was interesting...

As mentioned before, PRIDE Weekend has hit Helena. PRIDE is the gay/lesbian/bi/trans/etc. group in Montana. The high point of tonight's festivities was a drag show at one of the more popular bars in town, then dancing until the bar closed. So the Goddess (just.a.girl) and one of her roommates (Melissa) and I went down to check out the show. Well, the place was packed. We had to stand throughout the show, but we were relatively close. All I can say is--what a disappointment! I guess I went in with higher expectations. What I got was a poor sound system, equally poor dancing, and lip synching that, for lack of a better term, sucked. And a couple of un-funny comedians. But an odd thing happened--we sort of had fun! To be fair, there was one very fine queen who was in a totally different league than the rest of them. And the emcee was quite comfortable in his/her role (see picture below). Beyond that it was not very good. But it was fun! And crowded! And if we get half that crowd tonight, it's going to be a good time! This picture was taken shortly after the show:

From the left: Melissa; Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty,The Sparkly Tinsel Glinda-Bubble From Graceland, Empress 10 of all Montana, Ophelia Uppe-Bouvier; His Most Imperial Soveriegn Majesty, The X-tracurricular Emperor, Emperor 10 of all Montana, Tim; and the Goddess. Yes, they hold those "titles". And I think Ophelia and Tim are an item, but I'm not sure. The good news--none of was propositioned, though the girls thought alot of the guys were hot. And about half of the girls seemed to be the college-age, experimental type. Of course, there were those on both sides that definitely rode side-saddle, but the whole thing seemed almost more mainstream than kinky. Then again, where else but Montana can you find a drag queen lip-synching and dancing to Garth Brooks' "Friends In Low Places?"
iTunes: Pour Me, Trick Pony

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