Friday, June 17, 2005


Today is the birthday of America's favorite spiritual animal lovin' liberal vegetarian hippie chick. Yes, Juliepatchouli turns 37 today!!


Note the long, athletic legs and her quirky "don't mess with me, boys!" expression. And no, the "L" on her uniform doesn't stand for Lesbian. It stands for LOVE!
Some other things about her:
  • While she appears to be standing tall here, she checks in these days at around 5' nothin'.
  • She grew up on the lake. Not sure which one, but she did.
  • She likes farts. Anyone's farts. They make her giggle.
  • She likes Law & Order (and really, who doesn't?).
  • She's one of the few people I know who likes Viktor Krauss (or even knows who he is!).
  • Tulips are her favorite flower; asparagus is her favorite veggie.
  • She drives a big truck.

  • Julie's had a rough stretch over the past 4-6 months (which, coincidentally is about the amount of time that I've been reading her blog--do I sense a problem here?). Do something nice today and go over and wish her a Happy Birthday! I know she'd love it!

    Happy 37th, Jules!!
    iTunes: (We're An) American Band, Grand Funk Railroad

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