Wednesday, June 15, 2005

'Tis the day!

This is the remnants of the Wednesday "Alive @ 5". You have to get a wrist band to drink, even though you've got a full head of really gray hair (like myself). Note that it says "Mt. Helena Music Festival, July 15-17". That would be leftovers from last year. Not everything that Downtown Helena works! There doesn't seem to be any identification involved in getting a wristband--if you've got the balls to go ask for beer, I think they give you a band. Rachel met me down there by the beer and should have a picture up later today too! Anyway, this is my submission!

For those of you who haven't figured out Alive @ 5--it's a chance to get together with a few thousand of your best friends to drink beer in downtown Helena. Oh, yeah--there's live music and food, and it changes locations each week. The picture below shows the crowd to the north--

and to the south--
A fun time is generally had by all.


Finally, because she's old enough to go to these things on her own--my niece (N2) on the left, and one of her many cousins on the right (no relation to me). Damn, didn't I do well with my nieces??? Back off perverts! She's only 16....

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