Sunday, June 05, 2005

Wedding thoughts...

There's too many stories to tell from last night, and most of them would bore you. It was non-traditional day in a number of ways, but only rated about a 5 out of 10 on the weird-o-meter. With a spike up to 11 at one point. I posted some pics on my other site. The highlights/lowlights:
  • The ceremony/dinner/dance took place at a lodge tucked into the mountains south of town. The bride & groom chartered a bus to get people up there, which means we had a captive crowd. Most of the guests were from out of state (California, for the most part). This, in itself, explains alot.
  • This particular lodge doesn't allow you to wear shoes on their floor. The whole thing is a log construction, and the floor isn't anything spectacular, but no shoes. You can spill booze on it, or squish an errant grape on it, but you can't wear shoes. Their wait staff wears flip-flops. The rule goes for the band, too. Putting on my dress shoes at the end of the night never felt so good!
  • Because the dinner was happening in the same room as the dance, we had to wait over 2 1/2 hours before we could set up. We didn't get to do a sound check, which caused some serious hearing loss in the band by the end of the night. We generally don't have that problem, but it was huge last night.
  • While we were setting up, the guests were outside on the back lawn for about 45 minutes of square dancing. I kid you not. No, that's not a normal Montana thing....
  • Most of the guests (female) were very attractive. The Princess informed me that the guys were equally attractive. All this, of course, before the alcohol took control. An added bonus--a majority of the guests appeared to be single. Methinks there was alot of unbridled sex back at the motel that they were staying at.
  • California girls like to wear clothes that tend to show more chest than Montana girls. While there were no wardrobe malfuntions that I'm aware of, there were plenty of close calls.
  • The gentleman in the picture above tended to dance alone most of the night. He also had an uncanny knack of clearing the entire floor while he "danced".
  • A very large, 300+ lb. man actually stripped off his shirt, had his pants and underwear down to his ankles, and was doing weird things with a t-shirt back and forth in his crotchular region. I honestly don't think he was totally loaded. For as horrifying as this was, we later realized that we were all more horrified that no one tried to stop him, or force him to get dressed for 2 more songs!! Eventually he got back to shirt and pants, but his out-of-control "dancing" found him backing/falling into the band on more than one occassion. That's when the humor sort of faded.
  • During a break, I was out on a porch relaxing and enjoying the crisp mountain air. All of a sudden, I'm drenched by something coming through the floorboards of the balcony above me. My immediate thought was that someone above me had just puked all over me. Fortunately (?), there weren't chunks, and it didn't come in those oh-so-familiar waves, so I assumed it was just an ice bucket being dumped out. Whatever it was, my mood soured for the rest of the evening.
  • We were contracted to play from 6:30-10:30. We ended up playing until midnight.
  • On the plus side, everyone danced, and most everyone sang along on the all the choruses in that drunk karaoke sort of way, so at least we weren't playing for just a handful of people.
There are plenty of other stories, but now is not the time to go into them. We played well, they loved us, and we got paid. What more could I ask? Go check out the pics on the other site!
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