Monday, June 13, 2005

Unintentional HNT

If you're already running out of ideas for "Half-Nekkid Thursday", check out this girl's photoblog to get some tasteful ideas. Her name is justagirl (not to be confused with just.a.girl--aka "The Goddess"). She's from the Netherlands, and I'm pretty sure she's never heard of HNT. But she's got the idea down pretty well. Even gets the boyfriend involved a little!

Other things on my mind--MJ is acquitted on all charges. Doesn't surprise me. Not sure what to think. What's going to be sad is that, to pay his attorneys' fees, he'll embark on a worldwide tour and sell out every concert. Primarily in Europe, Japan and Singapore.

I have an appointment with Midas to get my brakes replaced on Wed. Somewhere along the lines, I didn't hear the "chirping" that's supposed to warn you that your brakes are almost shot. But I can definitely hear the grinding of metal on metal now. Since this is Montana, I'll still drive around tomorrow, and hope that they don't fail completely. As I'm on my way to the bank to make sure I have the $$$ for what I'm sure is going to be a pricey repair....

The sun was out for the entire day. We haven't had that in many weeks. On a day like today, I wish I had a job like Rachel's. Well, truth be known, I sort of do, but I don't make any money at it.

Update on the watermelon drinks. Gatorade makes a decent one, but sort of tastes like Jolly Ranchers. And the Bacardi is better than the Seagram's. Just a tad more authentic.

My neighbors in the apartment below me are smokers. But rather than stink up their apartment, they sit out on their front porch and allow the smoke to come drifting in through my open windows. I don't mind the BBQ smells, but the cigarettes really suck. Would it be inappropriate to dump a bucket of cold water on them while yelling "FIRE!!"?

I'm sure there's more, but that's it for now.
iTunes: Maria (Shut Up and Kiss Me, Willie Nelson/Rob Thomas

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