Sunday, June 12, 2005

New 'Puters! (sorta)

For those who haven't figured it out from prior posts, I'm a Mac geek. And proud of it! I shall never apologize for it. I shall continue to snicker at PCers downloading their weekly updates from MicroPuke. And I shall always quietly shake my head when friends buy new computers from Dell or Gateway, thinking that they're saving $$$ (sorry, Moose--I've kept quiet for so long...).

That having been said, I'll admit that I've had a couple of problems with Macs. In particular, I've had two of them go tits up on me in the past year. Fortunately, I picked up one of these last summer before that happened:
That's right, a 17" Powerbook. Oh, my! It's the only thing that's kept me sane. Probably the last computer I'll buy for a couple of years. Shortly after I got it, my 12" iBook
decided it couldn't find the hard drive anymore. I took it apart, replaced the HD, and put it back together. And still had two screws and a tiny little spring left over. Needless to say, it still didn't work, but it had a new HD. It's been sitting on a shelf in its misery.
My desktop computer, a tangerine iMac, still worked fine until February, when I couldn't wake it from a deep, deep coma. But that's OK. I still had my Powerbook.

For whatever reason, and without going into detail, I was able to raise both of these computers from the lowly doorstop status that is usually reserved for the Dells and Gateways of the world! Mind you, I tried the exact same things on them months ago, but the wise and all-knowing Steve Jobs must have been looking down on me this night! Granted, I wasn't about to screw things up, so I was up until 4AM completing the installations of Panther (OSX 10.3). And all the assorted updates they'd missed out on. Forty-eight hours later they're still working fine! They've slept, they've turned on and off, they've woken up. They're networked into the system and all 3 have been talking to each other. I'm so happy! Now if I can just figure out what to do with the two screws and the tiny little spring...
iTunes: Over the Rainbow, Eva Cassidy

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