Monday, June 20, 2005

Minor site changes

A couple of changes to the place here.

I took down the poll. It was a cute idea that ran its course. Or in other words--you guys just weren't into it. I'll hang on to it in the deep recesses of the bloggerdom in case something good comes up. In its place I've listed just a few of the numerous comments regarding HNT. It's always good to have good press! These are actual quotes--not ones that I've made up myself. From comments to my blog, or from others' blogs. If any of you don't want your quote up there, let me know. I can take you off.

I've added a new link to my favorites. It's a blog, but doesn't really have that sort of feel to it. Factum is a site where you can send in your own humorous pictures. The photos that are up are hilarious! It looks like it's updated on a daily basis. Some very funny stuff. Thanks to Shumpy for the link from his blog!

Lastly--not a change, but an observation. There's some trash talk happening about HNT! There are challenges being thrown down and promises of outstanding submissions! Now I'm not one to stifle creativity and expression, but I would remind the more modest of you out there that "nekkid does not mean naked!" If you haven't checked them out yet, I'd browse through the guidelines. I'd hate to see this thing fall apart because people thought that nudity was the goal here. IT'S NOT! Hence the term "half-nekkid"! By the same token, though, feel free to post as much nekkidness as you'd like! There will be some who have no problems with that. Remember that this isn't a contest--it's a chance to express one's half-nekkidness!

For those of you talkin' smack--I also encourage that! And just so you know, my HNT submission for this week will have you all crying in your beers!
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