Sunday, June 12, 2005


I ran across this link whilst browsing yesterday. It's pictures that a guy (I think) took of his mother's obsession with collecting and eBay. Now I'm not one who throws anything away. I still have every letter/note/card I ever received from Volcano Girl. I still have my Monkees bubble gum card collection. Somewhere in storage I have a small bag of rocks I collected from a Cub Scout outing. But what this guy documents is beyond reason.

At first, you might find it comical. I did. But as you continue through them, you begin to feel very sad. There's plenty of questions regarding the photographer as well, such as, "If you're living there with her, do something about it!", but I think there's some issues there too.

I hereby put it in writing--if I ever go nutso like this, any one of you, my blogger friends (preferably one of my half-nekkid ones), can beat me senseless. Feel free to use the golf clubs I got when I was in 3rd grade. They're in the front closet, under the boxes of 8-tracks, next to my letterman's jacket....
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