Friday, June 03, 2005

HNT Progress Report

We've just passed the 3rd week of "Half-Nekkid Thursday" (which will be shortened to HNT at times), and I figured we needed an update/report/justification for what we're doing. So here it goes:
  • This week found some excellent submissions from the regulars. Moose, Rachel, and Julie all submitted some nice, sexy-ish pictures. Moose did a nice cleavage thing, but tried to get everyone to look at her necklace. Yeah, right.
  • We had some newbies--not previously part of what seems to have developed as our little corner of Bloggerworld. Welcome to hippigirl, Kristin and dcliff. Kudos to dcliff who posted a great tummy picture, and to Kristin, who showed us a great (but painful) foot tattoo.
  • Legs, feet and toes were popular this week. Thanks to Emily (who had three generations of nekkid in her picture), Jen and Darrel. Hippigirl did a foot one too, and was probably the most humorous HNT post.
  • Two other regular bloggers entered their first pictures. Ago-go posted some pictures for something else, and since she's had a bad week (month), and no access to a camera or scanner, I allowed them to count. After all, she does show some skin! And a highly anticipated first picture from Lizabeth. A great back! Makes you want to see the front....
  • Three observations.
    • First, the compliments from everyone towards the other pictures was wonderful. I think some people have been truly surprised at what others have to say!
    • Secondly, the interest that seems to be generated is growing. Alot of people are beginning to notice. The seed has been planted; the spark has been lit. People are coming on board from alot of different places.
    • Lastly, people are finding out that doing this on a weekly basis isn't as easy as it sounds! This is where the creativity and imagination have to start to take over! As a suggestion, take a couple of nekkid pics to hold in reserve for the weeks you don't have time or can't come up with something exciting.
The movement is gaining momentum! Don't let up! We'll keep going as long as we can! Too many exclamation points!!! Hopefully we can get more of our regular readers to join in. "Half-Nekkid Thursday" can only get bigger and better!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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