Friday, June 24, 2005


There seems to be a slight misconception amongst some visitors and participants to "Half-Nekkid Thursday" as to what its purpose is. I've gotten comments and references that insinuate that the reason I've been pushing this whole idea is just a sneaky way to get girls (and guys) to undress. Can you believe that??? I'm hurt, offended and a little bit disappointed.

I have always maintained that HNT was a way for bloggers to meet new friends and venture outside their own little circle of bloggerfriends. The pictures are like advertising. THERE'S NOT ONE OF US WHO HASN'T SEEN AN INCREASE IN VISITS! THERE'S NOT ONE OF US WHO HASN'T ENJOYED THE GLOWING COMMENTARY THAT'S BEEN LEFT BEHIND!! AND I DOUBT THAT THERE'S ANY OF US WHO HASN'T GONE BACK TO VISIT THEIR NEW NEKKID FRIENDS!!! As proof of the increased visits--this is a chart of the visits to my site over the past 31 days. Guess what days show the spikes....


My point being--we are selling ourselves. And our own blogs. And it's working! Some of us don't need to do that, but enjoy it anyway. For alot of the rest of us, HNT offers a fun way to invite the rest of the world to check us out, and to make new friends, and gets us out of our own little circles.

To those who feel that there's some other purpo....... DAMMIT! I almost made it through without laughing out loud! Of course it's a way to get people to show some skin! Keep it up, people! We're getting noticed!!
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