Sunday, June 12, 2005


I may be just a hick from Montana, but other than spending the entire weekend in a drunken stupor, can ANYONE explain to me the allure, reason or need for NASCAR races? Or why I would want to spend an entire afternoon in front of a TV watching it? Or why it's gotten so popular with otherwise "normal" people?

Please realize that I'm not trying to offend NASCAR enthusiasts in regions that actually have a track withing 100 miles (which would be the entire southeastern US, isn't it?). If I lived there, I'm sure I'd be in the middle of it myself. But I think the nearest track to MT would be in Vegas, and if I'm going to Vegas, it ain't to see NASCAR. It's to gamble, party, maybe catch a show and drink w/YNH.

While you're at it, can you also explain to me how it's considered a "sport", the same way that competitive cheerleading is? Thank you in advance....
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