Thursday, June 09, 2005

"Half-Nekkid Thursday"


Hope this picture doesn't give people nightmares! Early entries for "Half-Nekkid Thursday" have been posted by just.a.girl (also known as "The Goddess"), newbie Jason, and Rachel. Oh, Rachel! The bar has been raised for the rest of us! Do not be afraid of this! Look upon it as a challenge!

If you're new and looking for some guidelines, go here. If you've gotten someone who's new at this, come back here to let us know about them so we can check them out. Remember, I'm in command of "Nekkid Central". Hopefully this site will be the place to check up on others. If I get really good in the future, I might add a separate blogroll of Nekkid People! Spread the word! It's "Half-Nekkid Thursday"!
iTunes: South City Midnight Lady, Doobie Brothers