Monday, May 30, 2005

For the feminine side...

I have, for a long time, searched high and low for some sort of watermelon drink. Not a strawberry/watermelon/banana flavored drink. Just a watermelon drink. Snapple supposedly has one, but it hasn't found its way to Montana. And there's some company out of California who's supposed to be shipping theirs out sometime this summer. But I want something NOW! And I've found something pretty close.
Bacardi Silver. Watermelon. YAY! It's not quite what I'm looking for, but this is pretty good. Yes, it's a girlie drink. But I'm secure enough in my manhood to be able to admit that I drink it, and I like it! If watermelon floats yer boat, give this stuff a try! (I've also heard that Smirnoff's has a watermelon flavored drink too, but a little sweeter. Haven't found that around here yet).
iTunes: Hush, Kula Shaker

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