Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mini-Rants and Observations

Bug's Butt complimented me on my ranting a couple of weeks ago and encouraged me to do more. One cannot let down the master, so here is a humble offering:
  • They've identified the "owner" of the finger found in Wendy's chili. The guy lost it in an "industrial accident". He's also an acquaintance of the husband of the woman who found it in the chili. Officials say "he had given the finger to the husband". Two observations--1) it's always good to have an acquaintance to give your body parts to, and 2) think of the long-term consequences of giving the finger to anyone.

  • My little desktop weather app tells me that the forecast for today is snow showers, with a high of 65°. How exactly does that work? (Answer: This is Montana. That's normal)

  • I question the "randomness" of my iTunes. I generally just let it shuffle on its own, rather than make specific playlists. According to the play count, since the end of March, it's played "No Rain" by Blind Melon 43 times, but "Rag Doll" by Aerosmith only 9 times. And that's out of 531 songs to choose from (I know--I need to import some more). Wouldn't randomness sort of imply some sort of equality in play counts? What does Blind Melon offer my iTunes that Aerosmith doesn't?

  • Who decided that we really needed "The Real Gilligan's Island"? Or even a second season of it?

  • I've noticed that alot of bloggers out there don't have the stamina to post even semi-regularly. If we're lucky, we might get something new once every three weeks or so. Why bother? You people are out there to entertain ME. If I've gone through the hassle of blogrolling you, the least you can do is post on a weekly basis! (This doesn't point fingers at those who have warned us that they'll be away. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated!)

  • Where did the MUSIC go on MTV? Does anyone really watch MTV anymore?

  • In international news, I see that the archbishop of San Francisco has been chosen by Pope Benedict XVI to take over his former duties at the Vatican. Have you noticed that they always choose a Catholic for those positions?

  • Has anyone noticed that DVD spelled backwards is DVD?

  • A blog I ran across awhile back (and I don't remember the name) had a wonderful feature called "Half-Naked Thursdays", where the author would post pictures of her bare shoulders, her kids' behinds, her husband's belly, lots of arms, etc. Nothing remotely graphic, but maybe a little suggestive. I think all of you should do that too.

  • A question for my Canadian readers--do they still televise curling matches? I remember in my high school days, back when we got the Calgary station, I would watch it every Saturday morning. It fascinated me. My parents would let me watch it, because I always had this irresistable urge to go sweep out the garage afterwards.

  • A second question for Canadian readers--what's the difference between Canadian and Canadien? This is a serious question--is the second one French? And what exactly is a Canuck?

  • Has anyone tried the Diet Coke w/Lime? With a touch of rum? Mighty fine, I tell ya! And NO carbs!

  • Have you noticed that the whole Law & Order franchise seems to recycle many of their victims/perps? One week you may have a 50 y/o pedophile who, in the next week's worth of reruns is another guy's attorney. Or the female gang rapist (who actually was charged with murder) who ended up as one of the more recent asst. DAs. There was a website I ran across that went through all the episodes/characters and listed them. Are you telling me that there aren't enough starving actors in NYC that they can't get fresh meat for every episode???

  • There are people in WA who lost family in the Mt. St. Helen's eruption (25 years ago this week) who are upset that the State of WA and the U.S. Geological Survey haven't apologized for not knowing the destructive force of the eruption. WHAT??? These people were outside of the "red zone", so they thought they'd be safe. It was an active volcano! There is no predictable safe area! These people are probably related to the ones who think you can walk up to the buffalo or bears in Yellowstone Park to pet them.

  • If you're flying a Cessna from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, and as you're approaching Washington, D.C., you see a couple of F-16s on either side of you dipping their wings and dropping flares, wouldn't you do everything in your power to get the hell out of there? When they finally landed, they were handcuffed, questioned and released. Officials said they were "lost". They should have been arrested for stupidity.

Well, that's it for today. Feel free to comment! Enjoy your weekend!
iTunes: Walk the Dinosaur, Was (Not Was)

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