Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Stones!

No, they're not dead yet!
The Rolling Stones, arguably the best band of all rock & roll, announced that they will be touring the US this summer! Even more exciting for me, they're going to be in the neighborhood! Now realize that "in the neighborhood" for Montana is anywhere within a 750 mile radius. There's 5 locations around us where they'll be in concert--Calgary, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City and Denver.

Calgary and Seattle are out--I have symphony rehearsals/concert at the same times. Denver is on Thanksgiving night, and I don't think the family would understand. It's a long way away, and the roads could be in less than ideal conditions. That leaves Portland or SLC. Portland is attractive because I'd have free lodging and alot of friends I can drop in on along the way. SLC is much closer, all on interstate highway, and would ultimately be cheaper, even without the free lodging.

I don't know what the ticket prices will be--I tend to always get the best tickets I can, so I would guess a minimum of $125 each. Ouch! But it's the Stones. And this could be the last opportunity to see them (that was my reasoning to go see Cher). I'll keep you updated!
iTunes: Loverman, Nazareth

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