Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Weekend Pics

Thought I'd better throw in a couple of pics from the weekend. Didn't get many, and for as much as I'd like to, I can't take any during the concert.

This first one is of the two harpists I had to get for this concert. This is about 45 minutes before the concert--tuning, warming up, etc. The woman on the left is our regular harpist (joined us this season). The one on the right is a young lady (17) from Billings. I first used her when she was 13 to play "The Nutcracker" with us. Very talented, but I think she's more interested in horses than harps now. Too bad. There's only 4 or 5 concert harpists in the entire state. She could write her own ticket. But like I said, I think she got burned out too early... [Note to self--there is no such thing as an ugly harp player!]


This second picture is from the dessert reception after the concert. Those of you who follow this blog will recognize the very attractive blond on the left as the "Teacher". She came as the date of the very attractive lady on the right, whose husband is in Iraq. And the devilishly good-looking older gentleman in the middle is none other than, well, modesty prevents me...


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