Sunday, May 01, 2005

Still away~~~~

I didn't own my first computer until I was 30 years old. An Apple IIGS. Paid an insanely large amount of money for it, but I was happy. Don't remember the specs, but be assured, it was top of the line, and worth every penny!

I didn't get my first email account until I was 38 years old. I felt superior to all my friends who didn't have one, or were hooked up with Compuserve or AOL. This is also when I got my first internet access--14.4K dial-up modem. Yes, I spent some time checking out what kind of porn you could get (sloooowww poooorrrrnnnn), because, after all, that's what the internet is for!

Today, I've got about 6 computers, but only use 2 of them (one's dead, 3 are old, and I still have my IIGS!). What I don't have is my internet.

The internet cable repair guy showed up on Friday afternoon, poked around my apartment, the downstairs utility room, and the funny looking cable box outside. He came back and said he couldn't fix anything.
    "We've gotten a number of calls with similar problems. We think it might be a piece of our equipment..."


    "We've got a couple of guys looking into it."

    So how long will this be? Days? Next week?

    "Oh, I'd expect it to be fixed within the hour or so..."
As you can probably guess--it's not fixed.

I'm posting this on a friend's computer. To be honest, at home I get about 1 minute of online time every 5-10 minutes. But it's not worth the hassle to try to accomplish anything like that. Sooooo.....

It looks like I'll be delayed getting back up to speed here. My apologies. For a quick recap of the week, and to answer some questions:
  • The concert came off wonderfully and I'm exhausted.

  • My lip held up, for the most part.

  • Ago's name has almost been outed, thanks to blatant clues left on our blogs (but I haven't seen anyone admit to knowing her second name, which is just as sexy...).

  • Dena--The art show was a smashing success, from what I've heard. Cops didn't raid the place, and people acted relatively maturely! I got to see alot of the art beforehand. You would have really liked it!

  • Kamey--Yes, the beer is cold. Call me!

  • Ty--Did you have too many s's? That stuff generally doesn't bother me.

  • Andi--Did Steph talk you into the undies thing?

  • Julie--Guys really shy away from discussions about that type of surgery, even if it's to a dog. We cringe at the word "snip". Hope he's up and around molesting things soon!

  • Andi--Don't uninstall the counter. I'll be back soon!

  • Due to necessity (uh-huh), I did the post-midnight McDonald's run after the concert/reception/champagne/beer. I've made an observation. If your looks might scare customers, you're assigned the graveyard drive-thru shift

  • Dena--You MUST force yourself to try a milkshake. A good milkshake is better than SEX! (That might be an exaggeration, but they're still good!)

  • Moose/Julie--I sense an attempt to make me feel guilty about McDs. I'll have you know, I never Supersize (unless it's a Beltian at the BHouse!)

As soon they pull their heads out and I can surf somewhat normally, I'll be back. In the meantime--talk amongst yourselves....

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