Thursday, May 05, 2005

Yet another reason...

The list of reasons of why I'll never go back to teaching in the public school system is long, but here's another reason that just screams for common sense!

UPDATE!--The news is full of nonsensical crap today! This one has to deal with the formation of the Texas Booty Police. Generally, I'm not one to be on the side of cheerleaders. But they're relatively harmless. As a band director, I had absolutely no use for them, nor did the crowd. Everyone pretty much ignored them, unless they fell, didn't spell a word right, or forgot to wear their special cheerleader panties.

But that's up here in the North. Where there's no actual cutthroat competitions to see who can outwhore whom. Where the cheerleaders' main function is actually subservient to the athletic endeavor that fans are there to see--whether it's a football game or tennis match (why bother....?). But Texas lawmakers have passed a bill "that would forbid sexy cheers and give the Texas Education Agency authority to punish schools that allow 'overtly sexually suggestive' routines at football games and other events". Looks like the Dallas Cowboys are going to have to import their future cheerleaders!

It's nice to know that Texas' biggest statewide problem is regulating the gyrations of nearly legal, booty-shakin' young thangs. I hadn't realized that they'd taken care of immigration, crime, and other problems that plague the rest of the country. Andi, Steph, Wife--any comments?

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