Thursday, May 12, 2005

Poll Results V

Well, this one wasn't very well visited (only 6 of you took part). I guess the new poll better be more stimulating. Therefore, it's just going to be blog names. Actual user names of blogs. I'm not even going to put up a question. You can pick your favorite, or the one whose template is best, or the one you don't understand, or the one that you've never read. I DON'T CARE! Does this smack of a popularity contest? It could. Can you vote often? Absolutely! I can only list 9 (alphabetically), which will leave #10 open for your own answer. My sincerest apologies if you think you should have been listed. Don't feel that I love you any less. It hasn't been easy to pick who gets listed. Though you might notice that there's only one male blogger listed (LBB). Deal with it! Feel free to bitch, if you'd like. Better yet, opt for the write-in option!

Results from this past week (only answers that got votes are listed):

Best "American" movie?
    American Beauty (2)
    American Pie (1)
    American Pie 2 (1)
    Once Upon A Time In America (1)
    The American President (1)
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