Saturday, May 14, 2005

Breaking up....

I've been thinking about this for some time. I just never thought I'd ever do anything like this. Maybe I was naive in the beginning to blogroll you. Maybe it was that instant gratification that you gave the first time I visited. And the promise of so much more in the future. Maybe it was the hope that you'd blogroll me, too. So much that could have been...

But all that happiness seems to have faded away. You hardly post anything anymore. All my excitement, my anticipation, my time--shot down in flames. Have you used me? Are there others whose bloggerlife you've shattered? I don't know, and I don't care. I can't care. I'm breaking up with you. I'm deleting you from my blogroll. You are out of my life, which won't be much different than the way things are now. You know what hurts the most? You probably won't even know the difference.

There's fence mending to be done, and new friends to be found. Bloggers that want me to blogroll them. Bloggers that give and give and give. Bloggers that believe in "Half-Naked Thursday". Bloggers that I've avoided or shunned in the past, all because you were blogrolled first, and I didn't want to come off as being cluttered. Well, no more. I've learned my lesson. Future additions to my blogroll will be scoped out thoroughly and thoughtfully.

Unless there's something really cool on your site!
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