Saturday, May 07, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

Ah, Mother's Day! I always get weird looks from people when I wish them Happy Mother's Day! Their primary response? "I'm not a mother..." So what? I'm not Mexican, but I celebrate Cinco de Mayo (well, not this year). Millions of non-Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day. So why can't I wish them a happy Mother's Day? For better or worse, we all have/had a mother.

Fortunately for me, my mother and I are very close. A wonderful relationship that she also shares with my three younger sisters. We grew up stable and "normal", a trait shared by my parents and their parents. And I have, on numerous occasions, thanked both of mine for that. I've had plenty of opportunity to observe students who did not have that life, and how hard life was in general for them. But I've also seen some great families that did not have an adult male in the relationship. "Mom", in these cases, has had to go above and beyond to keep things together.

So to all mothers, mothers-to-be, single teen-aged moms, newly divorced moms, mom-wannabes, children of moms, children of deceased moms, and to male seahorses (they carry the eggs)--I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day! Celebrate! Call Mom! Do something nice for someone else's Mom! Ask yourself--What Would Mom Do?

(And just to let you know--my sisters (2 out of 3) will be golfing with Mom for Mother's Day. And my sister's husbands and kids. And Dad. A big family outing. Then we'll gather at one of the sister's, and the men will BBQ, and the moms will drink beer and watch NBA or sit around the table and get tipsy on red wine. Could go either way.)

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