Friday, May 20, 2005

Poll Results VI

The non-question poll from this past week saw one big weener. For whatever reason, Ago (who now seems to have changed her name to Ago-go) beat out Andi, Julie and LBB. The other blog names didn't even get one vote. What does all this mean? Who knows? But congrats, girl! Results from this past week (only answers that got votes are listed):

Blog Names
    Ago (4)
    Andi (1)
    Julie (1)
    Lightning Bug's Butt (1)
The Goddess and I went to the new Star Wars movie tonight at the new theater I mentioned in an earlier post. Surprisingly few people for the 9:15 show. There were huge crowds for the first showings. Thumbs up on the new theater. As for the movie, I've considered myself as a bit of a Star Wars geek. Not in the dress-up-as-a-Wookie geek, but in the I-need-to-see-the-movie-as-soon-as-it-comes-out geek. You'll hear/read plenty about it, so I won't bore you, but I will say that George Lucas ties up all the loose ends between Episodes III & IV, as far as I can tell. So this week's poll asks which of the Star Wars movies is the best. May the force be...well, you know. New poll is up over there on the right--->
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