Saturday, April 30, 2005

Best News Ever!

I'm on my way home from rehearsal. Well, after beers after rehearsal. As I'm passing McDonald's, it's a little past midnight. But the Golden Arches are still lit. Seems to be a little late, but what can it hurt? So I throw caution to the wind, and go through the drive-thru. Lo and behold, they're still open!! How lucky can I be?? I'll tell you!


Ever since this past Monday night, with absolutely no fanfare or announcement, McDONALD'S DRIVE-THRU IS OPEN 24 HOURS!! To you big city slickers, this probably isn't a big deal. Here in Buttfuck, MT, it's huge! I can't begin to express my joy at this prospect! Not that I patroninze the place on a weekly, let alone daily, basis, But after getting home at 3 AM or later after an out-of-town gig, there's nothing quite like a Big Mac, large fries and a chocolate shake to hit the spot! Along with a Quarter Pounder w/Cheese, 2 Filet-O-Fish, a McChicken, and, if you're really lucky, one or two McRibs! Let's see the creepy Burger King top THAT!

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