Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Time's a-runnin' out!

There's a little less than 35 hours before my birthday! Which means time is running out to answer the birthday poll over there in the sidebar. And not much time to get your taxes done, if you haven't already (that would be me!).

As an experiment, and another cool birthday thing, I want everyone who comes by here to mention my birthday on their own sites on Friday, complete with a link to here.

It can be a full post, dedicated to me, Osbasso.

Or maybe just a little blurb (boring!).

If I knew what the hell I was doing here, I'd write a little script that you could just click on and it would miraculously appear on your site. But I don't know how, so I leave the creativity up to you. I'm curious as to how far-flung and expansive we really are.

And I'm also narcissistic! Which is not a bad thing! Dammit, if you're not willing to toot your own horn (so to speak!), why should anyone else?

So go for it. Please note that I've given you a day and a half to come up with something spectacular on Friday! And remember--for the rest of the week, it's all about ME!

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