Sunday, April 10, 2005

Gift update

Just in case you haven't checked recently, the birthday poll is going pretty well so far. To date, it looks like I'll be getting boobs, beer and a wicked device by Dr. Claw. And a public thank you to the person who already sent me their picture! If you haven't had a chance to tell me yet (I know, it was a long weekend for some of you), be sure to get to the poll this week! Friday's the big day!

Other random things:
    Today's CD recommendation: Katie Melua "Call Off the Search"
    Winner of the 2005 Master's Tournament: Tiger Woods
    Price of gas in Helena, MT: $2.19/gallon (average)
    Currently watching while blogging: "Independence Day" on FX
    Comic strip I miss most: "Far Side"
    Followed closely by: "Bloom County" & "Calvin & Hobbes"
    In Cahoots w/Mob Rules Horns "Alive @ Five" gig: Sept. 14th
    Drink flavor I wish I could find: Watermelon--I know it exists!

That's about it. Sort of a slow day, and not much more to write about. Time to go to bed!

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