Friday, April 15, 2005

Poll Results

Many thanks to all that promised gifts for my birthday, and even more to those who actually delivered! (I'll still accept late deliveries!) It was a relatively balanced list. For the tax return status question, the majority of you had already received a refund, and put it to great use. No slackers in this group! The results:

For my birthday--
    Flowers (0)
    Nice e-card from Hallmark (1)
    Cash (0)
    Semi-nude, but tasteful, photos of yourself (4)
    Cold six-pack of beer (3)
    A happy thought (2)
    Squat (3)
    Peace on Earth (that's more of a Christmas present) (2)
    A virgin (1)
    Other.....? (2)
      Come home in 3 weeks to drink beer
      Dr.Claw's Home Uterus Removal Kit

On the tax question--are your taxes done?
    I've already bought a month's worth of therapy with my refund. (6)
    Taxes? We don't neen no stinkin' taxes! (1)
    H & R Block uses my return as advanced training for their preparers. (1)

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