Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Mid-week pick-me-ups

As stated in my last post, I said I'd take the time to write if I found something really good or bad. Well, I found four things to share. And I have to say--THIS IS WHY I LOVE THE INTERNET!! You generally won't get to read this stuff in your local newspaper! (And on a side note--check out the picture on the right sidebar of these stories. It may only be up for the rest of today. Funny picture in a really tragic way...)
  • Story 1: Frogs in Germany. This story just SCREAMS for video!
  • Story 2: Scratch an itch. What did you say?
  • Story 3: Puppy love. Some people will do anything for love.
The last story deals with work. As I anticipated, this week has been horribly busy. This symphony concert that we're doing this Saturday has been a logistical nightmare. I've been very busy, very tired, and generally crabby--more so than usual. When I'm at work, I can't do any of my symphony work, which is a relief. So in an odd way, work has been my time to get away from it all. This week has been especially sweet.

This Saturday night we'll be hosting an "Adults Only" art show. This will feature sculptures, paintings and other artwork of a sexual or mature nature by local and regional artists. Fairly heady stuff for little ole conservative Montana! Beer, food, jazz, dirty pictures--should be a good evening for those not attending the symphony concert! Anyway, the owners want to run a slide show on the walls throughout the evening. A slide show of naked people. Hundreds of them. Where might we get these? THE INTERNET, of course. So my job this week, for four hours a day, is to download nude pictures, erotic photos, and slightly naughty stuff like that. HOW COOL IS THAT???

Of course, I do have to be careful. I can't use copyrighted photos, and I can't use minors, and they don't want anything terribly graphic. Basically, just safe, soft-core legal porn. It's actually an easy job, and it helps that I inexplicably knew where I might be able to find these sorts of images. To be fair to the ladies, I have to download some naked guy images. Ick. It's bad enough finding pictures of guys with their manhood blowing in the breeze, but it's something totally different when the camera comes in for an artsy close-up of some stud's sausage. And we're not talking little smokies here either. How do some of these guys walk in a "normal" fashion? **shudder** There is NOTHING photogenic about these damned things! Why can't there be some pics of some little smokies? It would make 90% of the men on earth feel at least adequate! I did find myself lingering a little at some of these sites, and found that somewhat distressing.... Fortunately, there's enough "art" sites with guys out there that I didn't have to go trolling any gay sites!

Anyway, I have two more days to download this stuff. Did I mention that they're actually paying me to do this?!?! They'd like to get about 400 images to display. I should be able to finish that up easy enough, as long as the regular work and the numerous trips to the bathroom don't get in the way!

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