Sunday, July 31, 2005

Rodeo Dance, Nubile Flesh & Bugs

We played for the dance after the rodeo last night. The rodeo was held as part of what other places would call the county fair. At one time, this used to be the state fair, but now there's like 4 "state fairs". I don't quite understand. And I digress.

There wasn't anything spectacular about this dance. No fights that I'm aware of. No arrests. Just alot of nubile flesh in tank tops being ogled by old cowboys in cowboy hats and boots. Actually, being ogled by just about everyone, including each other. Now why would you hire a horn band to play a rodeo dance? Because we can easily play 4 hours of country & country-friendly rock! It's surprising how easily country music can have horns added! So between Patsy Cline and Gretchen Wilson, we throw in an occassional "Sweet Home Alabama" and even "Love Shack". Besides, once the beer flows, cowboys will dance to just about anything. And if they don't, you can absolutely count on the nubile flesh dancing the night away with each other! (click on the pics to make them bigger)

The worst part of the evening was that we were fully exposed to the elements--no canopy or tent. The elements, on this night, would be the sawdust, hay, dirt and wind. Just as bad as the last gig, but less wind. The truly distracting part were the moths. We were the only significant lights in the area, other than the large light pole illuminating the dance area. Moths all over. On the music, in our hair, up the pants, down the shirts, all over the equipment. Harmless, but disgusting. Yes, I swallowed a small one. Flew in as I took a deep breath for the last note of something. The beer washed it down quickly.

As far as bugs go, this was one of the worst gigs we've endured. I thought I'd never see anything quite like it again. Wrong, oh wise and powerful Os! You ain't seen nothin' yet! On my way home, I passed by a car dealership, and the sight was beyond words. THIS is what it was like for about 4 blocks where any business had any kind of light. I don't know where these things go during the day, and I'm not sure that I want to. But I'm weird enough that I may go down there tonight and see if they're out again!

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