Monday, July 25, 2005

Answers for Grace

Grace was kind enough to throw some interview questions my way. She resisted getting involved with HNT until the pressure on her was too great. I offered her the chance to get back at me.

Again, here are the instructions:
    1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying "interview me."
    2. I will respond by asking you five questions -- each person's will be different.
    3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
    4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
    5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
1. What's your favorite part of a woman's body?
    Trick question here. If it's just to look at, then I would say a well-toned, muscular upper arm/shoulder area, particularly if a tank top is being worn. There's something very attractive about that. Actually, the entire upper chest/shoulder/shoulder blade/collar bone/neck area will catch my attention every time.
    If it's something I'm getting to actually touch, then the line from the throat down to the belly button. The same line that a drop of sweat would trickle down. With maybe a slight detour to follow the subtle curves that begin to define the breast from the torso. Light fingertips only. I could spend all day there.

2. What's your favorite part of a man's body?
    Laugh lines around the eyes. They best looking guys I know all have that feature.

3. Would you rather be the height you are now and have a dick that's an inch shorter or would you rather be 4'6" in height with a dick that's an inch longer?
    Unfortunately, I can't afford to lose an inch in that area, so I could do the 4'6" thing and gain an inch. At my age I think I could deal with being that height. I don't know that I would have done well growing up and only getting that tall.

4. Are there any people who play HNT that you wished just wouldn't??? :P
    I can honestly say that I've enjoyed everyone's posts. It seems that unwritten limits have developed for each participant. And sometimes those limits are constantly expanding. For some people, the simple photo of their leg on the internet is a huge deal. And that's great! I think people have opened themselves up to the rest of us to the best of their own expectations. Others have taken that to another level. And that's great too! I think what makes HNT work for each of us is that we're all respectful of each other. I have not seen any negative comments about anyone's pictures. THAT is what makes HNT great and such a success!
    While there's no nekkid people that I would want to ban, I DO have a problem with some of the lurkers/commenters out there. Why some of these people (I'll say it--guys) feel that they can make crude "sexual" comments on some of these is beyond my comprehension. This was not started as a meat market so that some 42-yr. old, unhappily married guy in Limp Dick, Arkansas could get his jollies by thinking that his comment to one of you lovely ladies would persuade you to join his wet dream. Sure, there's a little bit of suggestive talk amongst us, but I think that if you've posted your own HNT pics, you get to do that as an added perk. I like the idea that there are probably alot of people who sit on the sidelines and just watch. But when those people jump in and comment that you need to show the Full Monty, just to satisfy their own pathetic little lives--that's when I'd love to have a permanent delete button and wipe them off of Bloggerworld.

5. What's the proudest moment in your life?
    I can't narrow this down to one, so I offer three:

  • 1) The day I finished my comps for my master's degree in music education. The decision to go to grad school was all mine, and I had to pay for everything myself (as opposed to undergrad). It was the first thing in my life that I really wanted and worked toward, and completing the degree was the culmination of alot of fun and hard work.
  • 2) A couple of years ago I had my first opportunity to conduct a 44-piece pit orchestra for a local production of "The Nutcracker". It was the first time that my father had ever seen me in that role. He'd seen me perform in a variety of situations, but this was totally new to him. As the only musician in my family (even through 3rd cousins!), he's never quite understood my talents or abilities. We gave great performances, which was the initial pride. But when he came down afterwards, he had a tear in his eye, no words in his mouth, and an enthusiastic handshake that morphed into a big bear hug. He never does that. I was proud--he was proud!
  • 3) I have had a number of former students get in touch with me after a number of years and tell me how my presence in their lives made some sort of a difference. Some of these have gone forward in music. Others have become doctors. In all instances, the pride that I feel is hard to beat. Teaching is the noblest of professions. I'm glad that I've had the opportunity.

Sorry that got a little long. If you're interested in being interviewed, let me know in the comments!

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