Friday, July 29, 2005

Mommy, this is what I learned at HNT

What a long day! By the time I get through with this, it'll be about 2 AM. But it's worth it! Some things that I've learned/noticed over the past couple of days---

MSN Search has directed people to my site for a couple of different searches. I'm not saying that any of you fit any of these descriptions, but here they are (I can't make this stuff up!):
  • #1 out of 76,478 for 14 year old naked pussy
  • #5 out of 2,441,808 for look at my naked pictures
  • #1 out of 28,858 for naked fat females in the woods
  • #13 out of 294,730 for woman caught naked on camera
  • #8 out of 2,892,055 for how do I get in to girl naked . com

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, we've hit the big time! HNT has officially been spoofed! Long time (?) blogfriend Egan came up with a great post. Fully Klothed Thursday made it's debut yesterday. Complete with a whole set of "Hidelines" to follow. It's a bit ironic though, since he's half-nekkid in his profile picture! You should probably go check it out.

  • We ended with 82 Nekkid people this week.
  • We have alot of newbies this week, including one that not only jumped into the deep end the first time, but then swam laps for an hour.
  • One of us has a reader from Kuwait. HNT has hit the Middle East!
  • I got really pissed by a comment on Andi's site. She posted a response to him, which I then commented on. Anyone who wants to see the "less-than-cheery" persona of Osbasso should check it out. I rarely vent, but this really set me off!
  • There's been some concern about jumping the gun for HNT. Namely, people posting as early as Wed. afternoon. Granted, there are those who wouldn't get anything posted until late Thursday if they didn't do it early, hence missing out on almost a full day of ogling. Or there are some other situations. I post early so that others have a place to comment. Let's try to curb our excitement and wait at least until you're about to go to bed. That should help.
  • A crisis of imagination is attacking some of us (by your own admissions--far be it from ME to say that!). Feel free to help others with some ideas, if they're looking!

  • Three things on a personal note:

    I loved all the compliments on the hair. Seriously, I wasn't looking for that. However, now I'm wondering how hideous I must have looked for the better part of the past 35-40 years!

    Montana is the 4th most active geological state. Following Hawaii, Alaska and California. Last week's quake still spawned quite a few aftershocks, but nothing felt around here. Nothing major, damage-wise, other than some cracked windows, etc. Still, it was a fun ride!

    There's nothing like 6,000-7,000 people instantaneously erupting into a roar at the end of the "1812 Overture" as the final fireworks die away. Very, very cool!

    It's pushing 2:30 AM right now. Time to head to bed. Thanks to all for a great Thursday!
    iTunes: Goody Two Shoes, Adam Ant

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