Saturday, July 23, 2005

Concert Day!

I'll be brief here. Spent 16+ hours at the concert site getting ready for tonight's concert. That included re-setting the stage after a 20 minute storm blew through, basically flinging everything on stage all over the place and getting EVERYTHING totally soaked--including a grand piano, all the mics, lights and percussion equipment. 45 minutes before rehearsal. Somehow we got everything dried off and reset and started it on time. Weather is supposed to be much nicer today. I was so tired by the time I got home I just fell into bed. Should've showered first. I'm off to a dress rehearsal this morning, maybe getting some sleep this afternoon, then concert tonight. Should be pretty good. I've got some pictures from the set-up (but not the storm--too busy catching things), and I'll get some tonight.

Just for your info--we're up to almost 80 Nekkid people this week! And that doesn't include a couple of regulars that didn't post this week! Let's break the century mark next Thursday!!!

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