Thursday, July 07, 2005

Little bits o' business

I just need to throw in a couple of comments, since I'm away from my computer most of the rest of the weekend:
  • No comments about London. Others can express things better than I.
  • Many thanks to the regular Nekkid people who welcomed the newbies! I was able to eventually get around to them, but many of you took it upon yourselves to make them feel at home. Gosh, we're nice people! Along those lines--if I didn't make a comment on your site, I apologize. Time is at a premium for me right now...
  • Similarly, I don't have the time to respond to individual comments this week. But for those who seem concerned that the South Park Nekkid Os isn't anatomically correct, I hate to tell you that it's close. Yes, I have man boobs. Yes, my body shape is similar. Yes, you'd have a hard time seeing my wee-wee from under my gut, if I were to actually pose like that. The only positive thing--my legs are longer. Sorry, but that's the way I am. Oh, I'm also a peculiar shade of flourescent white, though this weekend's golfing will take care of that.
  • I'm not going to get into "themes" with HNT. This one lent itself well, and perhaps again at other international holidays, but I'm not going to really get into that sort of thing.
  • According to Blogrolling, I've got 49 people listed in the Nekkid roll. That doesn't count people who have dropped out (temporarily, I hope), such as Summer, Kamey, LBB and Crystal (there are others).
  • PeeMan is peeing on a car dashboard, sans stereo. Read Rachel's post to get the details.
  • In non-HNT news (and this is mostly for Corrina, and any other golfers out there), I shot an 84 in our practice round. That's with 3 double-bogeys (2 of them on par 3s). As a team, my dad and I will have to play far better to be in the money (we ended up with a net 64--there's going to be net 57s or less in this tournament).
  • By this time tomorrow night, Moose will have landed to start her week of vacation with us (me, Rachel and Kamey). We'll take lots of pics and tell lots of stories!
Everyone have a great weekend! I'll check back when I can, but should be back in the groove by Monday!
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