Monday, July 18, 2005

More stuff....

Continuing with my catching up from the past week:

"Half-Nekkid Thursday" continues its phenomenal run. We got a number of newbies, including a handful who should have been doing this from the very beginning (you know who you are!). Many thanks to everyone for embracing the concept! While there wasn't a theme planned last week, there were an awful lot of feet showing! And some artsy stuff, for those not showing their tootsies! Keep it up!!

Real life seems to have kicked in for a few of my favorite bloggers. A couple of them opted to take a "vacation" from blogging. A couple seem to have quit altogether. And some have gone into Witness Protection and moved to a different site. To all of them--I hope things work out in whatever way they need to for you. You're going to be missed--I enjoyed each of your sites. With luck, we'll see them in the future!
    PERSONAL NOTE TO J.--(Not you, the one that doesn't go by this letter) I really hope you're reading this, and I think you are. I hope you get yourself and your situation figured out. I'm going to miss your great HNT pics! Feel free to email me if you're so inclined. I'm lousy at advice, but I listen/read pretty well!

    UPDATE: She's back and she's bad! Just can't keep a good woman down!! From everyone who reads your blog, we welcome your return!!
On the plus side, another one re-emerged from the Canadian wilderness to let us know she was still alive. Hopefully she'll stay in touch for awhile!

You may have noticed that I didn't mention anything about the golf tournament I played with my dad. After a great practice round, and feeling prepared going into it, we both sucked. Big hairy donkey balls. We were pathetic. And yet (for those who care), I carded a 95 on the second day. 54 front/41 back. What's up with that???

We had a wedding gig in Dillon (2 hours south of here) on Saturday afternoon. On the bride's parent's ranch. She was cute--he wasn't. We were under a tent, but the wind was so bad ALL day that dust & dirt & grit coated virtually EVERYTHING! Even the beers coming out of the ice water were covered by grime. On the plus side, there were alot of upskirt shots! Problem with that is that you get everyone's upskirts--the old ladies and the bridesmaids included. Because of the wind, everyone pretty much stayed under the other tent where the buffet was served (excellent food!), so we didn't have much of a dance crowd. Until the end of our contracted time. The floor was packed with the drunk relatives and the wedding party for about the last 15 minutes. So the father of the bride coughed up another $400 to play for another hour. At the end of that hour, the bride's uncle added another $400 to play a second extra hour. We are such whores!! The horns physically couldn't play anymore after that (besides, it was dark, and we didn't bring our lights). So instead of a 2:30-6:30 gig, it was a 2:30-9:15 gig. And it was dirty. The wind never did die down. At least the beer and food were free!

Still not done catching up. The upcoming week is going to be extremely busy and tense. I'll post more on that later today. Right now I have to get going. Hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep those cameras handy!!
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