Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Visitor #10,000

According to my counter, I've hit the 10,000 visitors mark today! Thank you to all who have contributed to this milestone! I was excited to see who the lucky person was; which one of you hit the magic number! I might even consider a prize of some sort! Would it be Lizabeth, who was my very first commenter back in January? Or Rachel, my beer drinkin' buddy here in town? Maybe it was the legendary Lightning Bug's Butt, leaving me a little bit of commentary! Perhaps it was one of the regular HNT crowd with an uber-early notification (BTW--Britni is going out of town, so she's posted already). Could it possibly have been one of Ty's girls, "accidentally" sending me a jpeg for FBF or the other thing's he's got going? My mind raced with anticipation as to who the lucky blogger might be! I check Sitemeter for the answer:

My 10,000th visitor was some pervert in the Eastern time zone using IE 6.0 on Windows2000 ( who found me as the 32nd entry out of 3,511,870 in a search for "old ladies naked". At least I don't have to feel guilty about not having a prize!

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