Tuesday, July 26, 2005

You Shook Me All Night Long! (and UPDATES!)

10:10 PM Holy shit! We just had a nice earthquake!! I'll update later!

UPDATE 10:30 PM: They just said it was a 5.6 earthquake with the epicenter halfway between Butte & Dillon (about 90 miles away from here). More later, if there's anything to tell!

UPDATE 10:13AM: FIRST OFF--NOTHING CAN DERAIL HNT! It's now barely 12 hours later, and it seems that all is OK in Montana. No serious damage, no injuries (though I heard something about a heart attack attributed to it). The USGS said that the epicenter was only 3 miles from the surface (early reports said 25 miles), and it could be felt as far away as Billings, Great Falls and Spokane--all between 250-300 miles away. Certainly not like what Californians deal with, but this was sort of fun! This will probably be the last update, unless something else happens....

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