Sunday, July 17, 2005

Moose Has Left the Building....

Man, what a long couple of weeks I've been having! Lots to write about, so no chit-chat here.

Moose left for home this morning. It was wonderful having her here, but wish she could have stayed for a few more days. Oh, well. I don't think I'd be happy regardless of how many days she was here. A quick recap of the stuff that we got to do together (damn, I hate sharing!). Click the picture for a larger one!

Friday--Met her at the airport with her best friend Heather. Hugged, said hello, then went home while she and Heather stayed up all night.

Saturday--Mini Star Wars party with Rachel at her office with plasma screen, humongous bean bag chairs, greasy pizza, chips and beer. This is Rachel's dog Midget with Moose.

Monday--Up to the York Bar (about 20 miles from town, in the midst of the mountains) for beers and burgers. Best damned burgers in the area!

Wednesday--Alive @ Five. Very good music in an absolutely wrong venue. It was a folk trio that just didn't draw a crowd. So everyone stuck around the beer tables. With temps in the upper 90s, so there was alot of liquid consumed. Not sure what's happening here.

Friday--Moose, just.a.girl and I went to the Mission Mountain Wood Band reunion concert. I was going to write a big post on it, but Moose beat me to it. Read it here. A fun time was had by all!

Sunday--Heather & I were at the airport to send her off at 7:00 this morning. The two of them almost shed a tear, but not quite. All in all, it was a full week. Moose has more pics, so I'm sure she'll put some up, or send them to me to do it. There was alot of other "stuff" going on, so I'll blog about those later...
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