Sunday, December 31, 2006

Shameless Christmas Begging, Year #2

I really wasn't going to do this again this year, but in a discussion or two over the past couple of days, I was encouraged to do so. A year ago at this time, I created the "Collection". You can go here to read the initial descriptions/origins of the "Collection". Basically, it was a call for booby pictures for me.

The response was remarkable, and the "Collection" grew quickly. It received some negative reaction as well, but I respect those opinions too. I still receive contributions to it weekly, but the focus has grown fuzzy. It didn't take very long for some of you to send more than boobies, which was an underlying reason for knowing that "...the Other HNT" would work. That's not a complaint, by any means! But then something else happened.

Some of you started to include pictures that would never grace your site. Pics of your kids. Pics of family activities. Pics that were more personal than your nekkidness. Some of you even (gasp!) showed your faces for the first time! Thank you to all for those!

So Year #2 has started, and I've been encouraged to call for submissions again. They're always welcome, but from now to the end of the year, I'll do the shameless begging again. Go read last year's descriptions, and then send me pics. Boobies, as always, would be appreciated!

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