Thursday, December 07, 2006


Big, big news today!! It's over! I'm legal again!!! We'll, more precisely, my CAR is legal again. Remember this post from 90 days ago? Where my car was punished by having its license plates suspended for 90 days for allowing itself to be driven without proof of insurance? Bad car! Bad, bad car! Well, the 90 days has ended, and now my car can go anywhere, at any time, with anyone driving it. No more "employment purposes only" restrictions. Perhaps I can now admit that there were maybe 4 times when it snuck out illegally. Once to the store, once to my sister's for Thanksgiving, once to my parent's, and once to Rachel's to paint or something. Any other time--it was strictly to/from work. Of course, driving to rehearsals counted in there, since I get paid. Same with gigs. And if I had to stop in the symphony office at 11:30 at night to grab some paperwork, then that counts as work. And stopping at the store on the way home is technically covered...

So did my car learn its lesson? Actually, yes. Never drive without current plates, insurance or driver's license. My car would like to thank all of you who sent kind words of love and encouragement to it during its 90 days of punishment... (click it to big it)

This week's Mystery Guest is well known in the HNT world. She's been around for quite awhile, though we're usually graced with far less clothing than this. She's had problems at times with her site being hijacked, but doesn't seem to be too perturbed about it. She was a multiple contributor to this year's Boobie-Thon, which shouldn't be too surprising.

We'll be revealing her identity on Thursday afternoon, but if you think you know who it is, feel free to stop by and ask!

War Eagle. (I have NO idea what that means...)

Drum roll, please... The MG today was the Party In A Ponytail herself, Betchacantguesswho. Betcha, to her good friends. Stop by and check out her warm weather attire! Say hi while you're there too!
"...the Other HNT" has been seeing dwindling submissions, yet is still getting close to 2500 hit/week. I'm going to chalk up the participation levels to the holiday rush. Be sure to stop by and check out those did, though! As usual--NSFW!
Don't forget next week's special HNT theme! Christmas Tree HNT! Click the link at the top of my sidebar for the details.

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