Sunday, December 03, 2006

December Is Here!

Lots of stuff going on for the next week or so. Must be December! Lots of different things to ramble about...

Some of you might have noticed a prior post that I took down. I couldn't get Haloscan to keep comments anonymous--kept on putting the homepages up. So I just took it down. Too bad. I think there could have been some interesting ones!
You all have obviously seen that the template has changed again! I might try to keep doing Christmasy things with it. Without getting too cluttered. Many thanks to the one who tried to help me last night. I know we'll get it figured out!
I got an email from a new blogger looking for some friends out here. I think I convinced her that "our" little community is relatively safe and friendly. Her name is Teri, and she'd be happy to hear from you! Go by and say hi!
Tree is up, but still need to put up lights and stuff. I've never put up a fake tree. It's always been a real one, and not one from a lot. It's not a real tree unless you go out and hunt one down yourself! But my parents let me have theirs, since they just do a tabletop one now. Have to admit--it looks pretty good, even though it's nekkid!
Speaking of nekkid--don't forget that the HNT for Dec. 14th involves your Christmas tree. Click on the link at the top of my sidebar to get the details!
My UM Grizzlies beat the S. Illinois Salukis (what's a saluki? a skinny-ass dog. just thought you'd like to know) by a score of 20-3. That means that the Griz host the UMass Minutemen next weekend. The top 4 seeds in the playoffs are in the semis. The way it should be. Hear that BCS??
MSU Bobcats lost to #1 Appalachian State. Kept it pretty good for the first 2 1/2 quarters, but ended up losing by three TDs. But not bad for a team that wasn't even expected to be in the playoffs. Congrats (but the Griz are still playing!).
Sunday night we do Handel's "Messiah". In that church up in the header. The concert is sold out, as it usually is (we do it every year). Should be a spectacular concert. Most people in Helena consider the Christmas season officially started with this concert. That will take up all my day Sunday, so I won't be around at all.
James Taylor's new Christmas CD? Superb!
The kid that wrote the book "Eragon", which comes in theaters on Dec. 15th--from Montana. About 3 hours away. Imagine that!
"Rocky Balboa"--Christmas Day--oh, yeah!
That's about it... I'll be back soon!

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