Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Tree HNT

One year ago today, I was driving through a nasty blizzard on my way to Sioux Falls, SD (the butt-ugliest state in the union, by the way). It was the first stop on my trip to Nashville to see the Tennessee bloggers/HNTers. Oh, and to see a football game. For as stressful as that was, it was a much needed break for me, and I honestly believe that it saved my sanity last year. This year is much different. Primarily because of my chatting habits, I've made some great friends. My stress level in real life is far lower than it's been in a long time. And dammit, I've got me some Christmas spirit this year! So much so, that I decided to put up a Christmas tree for the first time in about 10 years! And, by God, if I've got the spirit, then you should too! And what better way than to show off your half-nekkidness with your own Christmas tree!!

In my case, I went the fake tree route. No time to get a real one, and I refuse to get one from a tree lot. My family used to go out tree hunting in the hills around town. Our trees were always better than our friends' trees bought from the lot. But this year, the fake tree was the way to go. And that's it up above. And here's a little bit of detail. (click it to big it!)

As you might imagine, little animals with horns, and golden trumpets and drums feature prominently. No icicles this year (bummer), since I'd have to remove it all when I took the tree down. I'd be finding that stuff all over all year.... The tree came from my parents, who have opted for a tabletop tree over the past couple of years. Rachel and I went out Monday night to Walmart (OMG--I've never experienced so much "humanity" in a long time!) to pick up some lights and ornaments. Also bought some candles to try to stink up the place like a fir tree. So far I'm somewhat unimpressed with that effort. And of course, I've got Christmas music going on. Granted, it's the South Park Christmas album, so it's not quite "traditional". Throw in a wonderful phone call to get me in the picture-taking mood, and the night couldn't have been much better!

So where's the half-nekkidness, you ask? Well, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to handle it. I think these came out relatively well though. Again, click em to big em (if you dare). No guarantees that they are anything you'll want to see!

Once again, we have a wonderful example of what can be presented as the Mystery Guest. You don't get to see her face, so she retains her mystery. You don't get to see her breasts, so you can't do any comparing there. We get her butt, however. Goose bumpy and all! Another longtime, but off-and-on HNTer. Not sure if she's going to reveal herself, but she'd probably admit it if you stopped by and asked!
This week's MG butt belongs to none other than the Queen of Ass herself from the Kingdom of Mean. Is there any wonder??
"...the Other HNT" keeps plodding along. Still need to get a few more of you involved!!
I need your help here. This current background--does the black extend all the way to the right edge, or do the ornaments start back up? Let me know what browser/version you're using, too. Thanks!
Start thinking now about your Three Christmas Wishes! Check the link at the top of my sidebar for details, especially about who to send wishes to.
Just to totally muddy up the waters--things are looking really good these days! :D

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