Friday, December 08, 2006


The Griz defense wasn't as tough as it needed to be, the quarterback lost the ball out of the back of the endzone for a safety, and the UMass punter pinned the Griz inside the 10-yd line all night. In other words--the Griz lost, 19-17. Oh, well. Time to start thinking about next year!
Really bummed that Yahoo IM was down last night.
BTW--the picture up above is another one of Leesa's. Be sure to check out the YouTube video she has up. Hilarious!
A very busy weekend ahead of me. I'm not going to have access again until Sunday night. I've got a symphony rehearsal in the morning until the early afternoon, then drive 3 hours to a gig, set up, play until midnight, tear down, spend the night, drive three miles home, symphony concert on Sunday afternoon until about 5:00. Then I'll finally be home. The good news? Big paycheck for Sat. night, and no more music commitments until next year. AND I've got a legal car!! I'll be in touch again Sunday night...
I figure I'd better leave you something to listen to since I'll be gone all weekend. Just to let you know that I've got a bit of a hip streak in me, this is from an early release of a 7-song EP by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, sometime in the mid-90s. A few years prior to their appearance in the Jim Carrey hit "The Mask". Probably some sort of a fan club bonus. Titled "Whatchu' Want For Christmas?", it has 3 Christmas songs, and some early versions of songs that appeared on later albums. This particular one is called "Rock-a-Billy Christmas". Enjoy! Well hell--Castpost is unavailable right now as it's going through "upgrades". I'll post it next week.



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