Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pics/Cheating on Michelle/Bob Rivers Twisted Christmas

I only have one picture for "...the Other HNT" so far. Need to get some of you to submit!! Sort of a weak showing last week, too...
I did something tonight that I haven't done in probably over 20 years. You've all probably read about my cheating on Michelle over the years, primarily with Amy. And last week I came clean about Betsy. Well, tonight I spent the evening with someone new. I basically cheated on them all.

Sometimes in life you just need some variety. And you go out and find whatever you can, wherever you can. I was looking for a deeper, more seductive voice. A well built, compact body. And I didn't want to do all the work that I have to do with Michelle. I just wanted to hug tonight, with my arms tight around her--not so much arm action, more focused on fingering. And I found her. She took my breath away, literally! I was actually huffing and puffing at times. At other times, I'd take her off my lap and gently lower her to the floor, but never leaving my hands. And while it may seem cruel, Michelle just watched. Knowing that I was hers, and she was mine, but that sometimes she just couldn't do it for me.

Her name was Bertha. Well maybe not, but that's what I call her. I may not be with her again, but she's got relatives here in town, and I'll call around to find another. It reminds me of my days of undergrad, when I was somewhat faithful to one, but played around anyway. Long before I hooked up with Michelle. I'll take Michelle with me to our gig on Saturday night--it's an overnighter down near Yellowstone Park. But then she knows I have to be back with Bertha or one of her relatives on Sunday.

We have a family holiday concert on Sunday, and I'll be playing tuba. Something that I haven't done seriously since 1985. Surprising how quickly it all came back, and just as surprising how out of shape I am! All will be good by the weekend...
I don't know if this is a regional thing, or if those east of the Mississippi have heard of this guy. Bob Rivers has a radio show based out of Seattle. He's a musician, as well, and years ago started to record parodies of various songs, all under the grouping of "Twisted Tunes". Christmas rolled around, so of course he had to do "Twisted Christmas". He has since released 5 CDs of "Twisted Christmas" songs. His arrangements sound eerily similar to the originals, much like Weird Al Yankovic's treatment of songs, but either changing lyrics of carols to fit various stories, or remaking classic rock songs with carol-type lyrics ("O Little Town of Bethlehem" done to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun"). Or coming up with original songs that are humorous, but instill the joy of the season.

This particular song is "Toy Sack" (done to "Love Shack"). Enjoy!


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