Sunday, December 24, 2006

Quick Dad Update

I've neglected you all in this area, and you've all been so supportive. This will be a two-section post.

He had his surgery to remove his bladder tumors. Initially, it wasn't going to happen, simply because he'd die from something else before he'd die from these. The complication arose when they didn't stop bleeding, so they reevaluated things and decided to go for it.

The good news--they've been removed. They stuck a rod up his hoohaw and scraped/yanked/cut them out. They were found to be malignant (as anticipated), but were only listed as Stage 1. That's a "good" thing.

You know, girls, how you always warn us when you're going into "girl talk" so that we can sneak out and not read about blood or yeast or PMS, etc...? You might want to duck out at this point....

The band news--now he can't pee. As I understand it, his bladder expanded to the point of losing elasticity. He can't squeeze anything out. So for another couple of weeks, 4-5 times a day, he has to SELF-CATHETERIZE himself to empty his bladder. SELF-CATHETERIZE, I say. I was so horrified by the visuals in my head that I didn't really listen to much else. I did hear something about a leaky bag, and a trip to the ER to replace it while dripping all over the place. I'm sure we'll get to hear about it again at the family gathering, so I'll report on all that later!

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