Monday, December 11, 2006

The Weekend

A very good weekend, overall. I'll give you the bad points, then the good points.
    • Weekend shot to hell with rehearsals, gigs and concerts.
    • Driving 3 hours after symphony rehearsal to get to the gig.
    • Load-in up skinny, icy steps.
    • Being told we'd play until midnight, then going to 12:45.
    • Getting to deal with the drunk who positioned himself literally within 6 inches of the lead singer, and not moving. As close to being passed out on one's feet as I've ever seen. The president/owner of the construction company who was throwing the party eventually took care of him. The guy may not have a job this week.
    • Rooms that you'd bitch about paying $30 for in a sleazy motel. Here, they charge over $100, and they're considered "quaint". No phone, TV or bathroom in any room. Community potties/showers are down the hallway (if you don't get lost...)
    • Not having access to the internet--which is probably a good thing.
    • Getting to bed at 1:30, and watching the digital clock say 3:47, and knowing that you haven't slept yet.
    • Getting up early to get back home to shower, change and get to symphony concert.
    • Getting to wear the bad shoes all weekend, so that your back, knee, foot and head all hurt.
    • Driving 3 hours after symphony rehearsal for a good paying gig.
    • Remember the company party we played at the lake where I was fortunate enough to take this picture with my phone? SAME COMPANY!! I don't know if she was there, though. Didn't see her face the first time, and there was no toplessness this time...
    • Free dinner--prime rib buffet, with EXCELLENT food! Dessert--white chocolate mousse with raspberry drizzle.
    • Open bar all night long!
    • Dress was casual for the evening--no tuxes or fancy crap for the band (no, we didn't have to wear either the sequined jumpsuits or the gold lamé).
    • Young, attractive and tipsy office girls shakin' their groove thang--without the guys.
    • The president/owner of the construction company throwing this little party handing us the check, with an additional $100 bill for each of us as a "tip". Must have been a good year...
    • Nailing my tuba parts in the symphony concert. It was fun, but I need to make it up to Michelle. That'll happen in January's concert, for sure!
    • Getting to kick back at home and realize that I don't have any musical commitment hounding me until January!!!
    • A bit of an unexpected, but highly welcome phone conversation. :-)
I'm way behind on checking blogs, and both Castpost and Blogrolling are acting up. Don't forget that this is the week for Christmas Tree HNTs (see the link at the top of my sidebar). Could use some more pics for the anonymous site, while you're at it!

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