Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Wish and Thanks

Merry Christmas to Everyone!!

I had hoped to get some Christmas cards out to people, but it's the one thing this season that I didn't get to. Some of you will get one, but it'll be a bit late. I had thought about sending out some ecards or personal Christmas wishes, but then it became quickly obvious that it's an impossible task. Just too many of you--which brings me to these thanks:
  • all of you who have made the Back Row a regular stop in your surfing. I have made a HUGE number of friends over the past year, and I thank you for your support, trust and general understanding of this very humbled man. You've made this past year a much better one that I've had in recent years!
  • those I've had the pleasure of chatting with at ungodly hours of the night. Or the ungodly hours at work. We've talked about all sorts of things, and it's made some of the nights and days pass quickly. And the subject matter!!!
  • those I've actually talked with on the phone. There's something about hearing a voice to place with the picture that is much more personal. Big thanks to the ones in my phone's contact list: Aisha, Beth, Exposed, Ellen, Jamie, Jessica, Kamey, Kelly, Lee Ann, Leesa, Lindsey, Lisa, Lori, Megan, Meghan, Melanie, Michelle, Nicolle, Rachel, Robyn, Samantha, Stef & Tish. Haven't talked with every one of you, but having your name there is nice!
  • the ones I actually met this year. That personal meeting is such a wonderful thing. Some of you I've met before, but I don't want you to feel left out: Nicolle, Kamey, Rachel, Aisha, Pam, Ellen and Lori.
  • ...special thanks to the two who have been friends with me the longest--Nicolle and Kamey. You still haven't abandoned me, so I guess we really ARE friends!
  • the one who drinks the most beer with me--Rachel. We're a little behind on that, though!
  • the one new friend this year that has become very close. Jess, I look forward to another year of phone calls and advice (both ways!).
  • the group of bloggers I must check out on a daily (multiple times!) basis: Leesa, Lisa, Kim, D., Lee Ann, Jessica, MG, Spitfire, QoA, Jen, Yoj, Lori, Robyn, Robin, and too many others to list...
  • the newest of the new friends. Meghan, Trixie and Teri--I hope that we continue to foster this new relationship.
  • the one person (sorry, no names) that has made this Christmas season an unexpectedly happier one. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I look forward to a long, happy year coming up!!
If you don't see your name listed, don't make a big deal about it. This was thrown together sorta quickly. I know I've missed someone... Merry Christmas to you and your families!!

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