Friday, December 29, 2006

New Drinkin' Buddy!/Da Count/Shameless Begging

I had a date Wednesday night! And that's what counts!

See the cute kid in those pics? (the young one--not me...) That's my oldest niece back when she was about three or four years old. Celebrating my 32nd birthday, and then again later in the summer. Note how she holds the beer can. She's a natural! (also note that I'm wearing one of the predecessors of the OsShirt--even back then!) Edit: The hair is NOT bowl cut, but it's curly. The details are blurred by the scan! Thank you to those of you who have emailed, texted or commented about that...)

She turned 21 in September, and I promised to take her out for a beer. She reminded me of that fact over Christmas, so she and a friend of hers met up on Wednesday. The girl drinks dark beer. And likes it! I'm so proud! And she apparently also likes Jack, SoCo and Jaeger. But not Kahlua or rum. I found out that my eldest niece, the apple of her uncle's eye, wasn't the sweet angel that we all blindly assumed she was, but she's still a great kid.

Her sister just turned 18 last week. I suspect that she's a beer drinker, too.

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Read the post below about the Shameless Christmas Begging, Year #2. I'll only beg through the first of the year, though submissions are gladly accepted all year long!
No one mentioned anything about clicking on the MG picture yesterday...

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