Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday Wonderings and Other Things

Don't forget that this week is Christmas Tree HNT week! And a reminder that next week's HNT won't actually require half-nekkidity. It's the Three Christmas Wishes HNT, so be sure to give that some thought. It's not as easy as it sounds!
What's up with Castpost? Slow, slow, slow! Ooh--I think I just got my answer. An error message that said "too many connections". They should do something about that...
I've been remembering my trip to Nashville from one year ago. Couldn't afford it, but needed it. And still have wonderful memories from it. I should do something like that again.
I just checked my bank balance. I'm depressed...
I have run out of Mystery Guests. This week's MG is the last one, unless I receive some by Tuesday. Repeat MGs are allowed, but I KNOW there's some of you out there that have wanted to do one that haven't jumped into the water here, as it were... Might as well mention that I could use some pics for "...the Other HNT" as well.


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