Monday, December 11, 2006

I Wrote That?!?!?

I stole this from Leesa's site last year. Time to do it again!

What was the first line from your blog the first day of each month in 2006.

January: Reaction--For the record, my Shameless Christmas Begging for boobies ended on January 1 with the "Newscast" post. ( I need to beg again this Christmas?)

February: It dawned on me that I hadn't posted any pictures of me and Michelle in quite awhile, especially with me in a tux (go to the bottom of this post to find out who Michelle is). (This was the beginning of a HNT post.)

March: The Rogue Performance Festival starts Thursday, March 2nd in Fresno, California. (Thanks to Lecram for getting HNT involved in this. Are we doing it again in 2007?)

April: I was going through my archives today, and this is what I wrote 1 year ago. (Seems I've always had some blogger block.)

May: After living a Buffett-like existence over the past week, I'm back in reality! (Just back from my Caribbean trip.)

June: I lamented the fact awhile back that I hadn't really played with the camera enough to get into the macro mode (close-ups). (Intro to the HNT where I took really close-up shots of my eyes.)

July: We did this last year for HNT, and it seemed to go over fairly well, so we'll do it again this year. (Canada Day/4th of July HNT theme)

August: It's Birthday Time, boys and girls! (Celebrating birthdays of Crimson and No One In Particular.)

September: Don't forget about the Labor/Labour Day theme for Tuesday! (Once again, plugging HNT themes!)

October: Don't forget to check out this year's 5th Annual Blogger's Boobie-Thon! (Plugging this year's BoobieThon. Same thing I did the year before!)

November: For however many years I've been living in my current apartment, I can count on one hand the number of trick or treaters that have graced my threshold. (Somewhat self-explanatory.)

December: PATIENCE - of others, that is. (This was my Count for the day.)

Not terribly exciting, but it was nice to go through some of the things I'd written! Please feel free to steal this and relive your own 2006!

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